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As a school leader you don’t need to be told about the challenges of finding and recruiting suitable staff for your school.  Many schools are finding it difficult to fill their vacancies.  A significant factor is the fact that there is a significant teacher shortage, particularly in some sectors and specialisms.

Added to this is the increasingly prohibitive cost of recruitment and especially at a time of budget restraint.  Headteachers report that they spend a significant amount of their time managing these two areas – ensuring that their school is fully staffed and trying to make the budget balance.

EJS doesn’t claim to ease all of these difficulties, but it is an opportunity for you, as a headteacher or senior leader, to seize the initiative – one job listing at a time (although you can add as many as you wish).

List a Job Vacancy for Free

The EJS website is a listing service that is free and very easy to use.  Your school or a specific vacancy can be listed in just a couple of minutes and, as the website grows, job seekers will follow the link you enter to the vacancy pages on your own website.

Create a free job vacancy listing on EJS – there is no need to sign up or log in.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.